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My work focuses on nature’s “off-peak” moments, fallow periods when plants die, bend, break, and lie in disarray, sinking back into the earth, or when light fades into darkness. For me, these moments have a quiet beauty of their own, and point to the way in which our human experience of beauty is bound up in transitions: in cycles of decay and regeneration, darkness and light, and form and formlessness.


In many of the paintings and works on paper, I express the underlying content through the materials themselves. The paintings depict specific natural sites, but they also balance representation and abstraction, at times defining and at times dissolving the landscape image. They are as much about the process of looking, feeling, and painting as about the scene itself: as much about inner as outer world. I build textures using a mixture of media to create a surface that evokes the gritty, elemental presence of earth.


Petri Flint

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